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The Role of Court Appointed Counsel In Guardianship Proceedings

Posted by: Ethen Ordog

While an initial Guardianship consult provides a client a substantial amount of information pertaining to the process and requirements for such a filing, it is important to recognize and explain the role of Court Appointed Counsel.  Pursuant to Rule 4:86-4(b), the Court is obligated to appoint legal counsel to represent persons who are alleged to be mentally incapacitated.  At a minimum, the Court Appointed Attorney, in representing his or her client, has the responsibility of meeting with the alleged incapacitates person, make inquiries of persons having knowledge of the individual’s circumstances, including but not limited to family, friends and professionals, […]

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Understanding Your Duties and Responsibilities as a Guardian

Posted by: Begley Admin

By Ethan J. Ordog As the probate judge renders his or her decision regarding a finding of incapacity and the appointment of an appropriate guardian, many individuals, specifically those who have been entrusted with such an appointment, begin to contemplate the responsibility which is being conferred upon them.  Typically, a determination to pursue guardianship is prompted by a realization, usually by one’s spouse, children or next of kin, that a protective arrangement is necessary as an individual has lost the capacity and no one can lawfully act for him or her duty absence of a living will and power of […]

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