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Personal Injury Settlement Consulting


Whether a settlement is on the horizon, or recently in the past, Begley Law Group, PC has the proven ability to maximize personal injury settlements or awards. 

As a law firm that specializes in unique estate planning, we have the expertise in special needs, medical coverage, investment advice, settlement preservation trusts, guardianship, probate, care management, Medicare Set-Aside arrangements, Qualified Settlement Funds, lien resolution, public benefits, and tax planning, making us an ideal partner for personal injury attorneys.

When your client is ready to start a new life, a successful settlement is important. With more than 75 years of legal experience, consider us a trusted partner to help manage your client’s settlement property and protect you in the process.

Personal Injury Settlement Consulting Questionnaires

Does my client need a Special Needs Trust?
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In settling the case, have I taken all of the necessary steps to protect my client and my practice?
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Is a Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement (MSA) required?
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A Trusted Partner

Begley Law Group, PC has a respected history of working with personal injury attorneys on litigation involving clients who have suffered injuries. These cases are complicated and require a certain level of expertise from the initial meeting through the period following the settlement. After all, the settlement isn’t necessarily settled at your final meeting. There are many details that need to be resolved in order to protect the injured party’s settlement. Our services go far beyond document drafting. Whether a Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement is necessary, tax planning, lien resolution, special needs trust or settlement preservation trust is required, let us simplify the details for you. We will help ensure that the injured party receives a quality settlement and then some.

Public Benefits

One of the most important considerations for settlement in a personal injury case is protection of public benefits. A special needs trust allows an injured or disabled person to maintain public benefits following settlement. When injured parties receive assets, their entitlement to public resources, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicaid, may be lost or reduced. A Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement protects the Medicare eligibility of disabled or injured persons. At Begley Law Group, PC, we understand the stringent rules and regulations that have been imposed on special needs trusts by governmental agencies, and will help you navigate the system for optimum client results. As a member of the national, non-profit Special Needs Alliance, we are committed to assisting personal injury attorneys in resolving cases to enhance settlement results of their disabled clients and maintain the eligibility of these clients’ public benefits.

You Fight to Protect Others. Who’s protecting You?

When handling personal injury cases, there are many considerations that need to be addressed prior to or at the time of settlement. Unfortunately, too often, personal injury attorneys find this out by being sued by the very clients they fought to protect. Begley Law Group, PC can help you avoid this trend through various services such as preparing trusts, compromising potential claims or liens, and consulting on the victim’s potential need. By taking these steps together, not only will you be protected, but it will likely provide a better outcome for your client.

Settle On Us For Your Next case

As you prepare to take on a new case, imagine how our services could facilitate and safeguard the settlement proceedings. Consider including Begley Law Group, PC in your next case from the beginning, or connect with us when you need assistance finalizing the details of your client’s settlement. If you’re interested in learning more about our personal injury consulting services, please give us a call. We look forward to working on winning settlements together.

Self-Settled Special Needs Trusts

The Begley Law Group, PC Value Package

Our goal is to help you enjoy the benefit of your personal injury award, inheritance or matrimonial settlement while preserving important public benefits for the disabled person.

Here’s what you get when you retain Begley Law Group, PC:

  • Regarding Settlement
    • We’ll advise you as to whether a special needs trust is required.
    • We’ll advise you as to whether a Settlement Preservation Trust is appropriate.
    • Whether public benefit are available
    • We’ll assist in obtaining medical insurance.
    • What items should be paid for directly from settlement and what should be paid from the trust.
    • Help in selecting an appropriate trustee.
    • Conduct a counseling session with the disabled person, family and trustee to explain how trust operates.
    • We’ll advise whether a Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement (MSA) is required.
  • Trust Drafting and Filing
    • Guidance drafting the “Pleadings” in order to create a special needs trust.
    • We’ll draft the “Brief” regarding the Court’s authority to create a special needs trust.
    • Assist in Preparation of “Order” authorizing the establishment of a special needs trust.
    • We’ll file with all Government Agencies.
  • Counseling Session
    • Memo to trustee of special needs trust outlining the trustee’s duties
    • Assist with preparation of budget and fixing responsibility for payment
    • Conference with the disabled person, family members, trustee, the beneficiary and the beneficiary’s family explaining the mechanics of the trust and the operation.


To speak with an attorney, please call Begley Law Group, PC at 800-533-7227 or email us to set up a consultation at your convenience.

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